Hydrogeology, Spa & Deep Water Circulation

We plan and provide technical support to contracting parties in the search for deep water resources and technical gases, with particular experience in the thermal and mineral sectors and for district heating.

Knowing the trends in deep water and surface water circulation allows assessment of the hydrogeological risk and prevent environmental damage in critical areas where a change in the natural environment leads to the irrational use of the water resource.

We keep a major database on water circulation which, associated with field and geophysical testing, allows us to provide a complete service for:

  • drinking, industrial, domestic and irrigation water research
  • mineral and spa water research
  • water potential assessments.

We specialise strongly in the sector of spa water and geothermal deposit research. A unique know-how backed by important partnerships with universities and companies specialising in exploratory drilling.

We assess the renewable resources of a hydrogeological system, sources study and reconstruction of the depletion curve, well design and well fields, and assess the interference between catchment works and the studies of fractured rock and karst aquifers.

We perform digital reconstruction of the hydrogeological model of the groundwater using Ground Water Vistas software.

With business partners or delegates of the contracting party we plan and perform drilling for the identification and exploitation of deep water.