Geoengineering, Geotechnics & Environmental Geology

We implement integrated geology, engineering and environmental projects, planning for risk situations and safeguarding the ecosystem of the work site.

We provide data analysis and interpretation of geognostic, geophysical and laboratory surveys to reconstruct the geological model and geotechnical model of the foundation ground.

We apply the geological information to know-how and to solving environmental problems deriving from human influence on the environment and environmental influence on humans.

We assess:

  • geological risks on human settlements
  • limits on the exploitation of georesources

We operate in the public and private sectors with consolidated methods structured to achieve the best survey and evaluation results.

We perform digital modelling and reconstructions, simulating action plans and timing.

We carry out environmental audits, characterisation plans, risks analysis and site decontamination projects (former industrial sites, landfills, mining areas, etc.).