Georesources, Natural Gas & Hydrocarbons

We provide specialist technical support for research and exploitation of all underground resources (water, gas, hydrocarbons, minerals, geothermal fluids, stone, etc.) in land in the vicinity of business activities. Our subsurface plays an enormous role in innovative projects such as exploitation of low and medium enthalpies (environmentally compatible air conditioning and the zero-impact production of electricity) and for the geocapture of climate-changing gases. The adoption of innovative technologies and continuous increase in the efficiency of industrial and environmental processes, play a vital role in achieving goals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions outlined in the Kyoto Protocol.

IdroGeo Engineering & Consulting offers a complete service for:

  • studies in support of research and exploitation
  • environmental impact studies for the research and exploitation of georesources
  • field surveys to acquire geophysical, structural and fluid data
  • results analysis and reconstruction of the logical deposit site model
  • planning of research and exploitation works (wells, mines, quarries, etc.)
  • assessment of exploitable resources and post-exploitation environmental recovery and restoration plans
  • digital modelling using dedicated software for deposit exploitation
  • vast area studies to optimise resource exploitation and monitoring plans
  • planning and management of open quarry works and mining exploitation