City Planning, Hydrology and & Seismic Danger

We carry out support studies for Structural Plans, City Planning Regulations and in general for municipal town planning, town planning tool variants and Executive City Planning Projects (revitalisation plans, land parcelling, etc.).
We conduct surveys and studies for Catchment Area Plans and territorial planning for vast areas such as territorial coordination plans at provincial or interprovincial level, plans coordinated between municipal administrations and regional guidance plans.;
We perform seismic, geomorphological, hydraulic and hydrogeological availability surveys with data confirmation and comparison with vast area studies (regional, catchment area and provincial projects).
We provide surveys and interpretation of aerial photographs and perform instability trend assessments. Surveys and field testing with particular reference to structural and stratigraphic geological, geomorphological and hydrology-hydraulic infrastructures, including surveys of hydraulic defence works, hydrogeology structures and extraction works.

We conduct permanent-movement and variable-movement hydrology-hydraulic studies to define hydraulic and water course dangers, we design hydraulic defence works, hydraulic site safety works and monitoring systems. We design dykes and dams for industrial and agricultural purposes.

We produce seismic classification and zoning studies integrated with specific seismic profiles for calibration of the seismic model of land. We also carry out seismic micro-zoning studies. We prepare maps and summary regulations for territorial dangers (seismic, hydraulic, geomorphological, coastal dynamics and hydrogeological). We carry out geological feasibility studies of works and city planning forecasts referring mainly to land development compatible with natural environmental matrices (water, soil, air).

We coordinate and prepare Municipal Civil Defence Plans and provide round-the-clock support for the monitoring and management of hydrogeological danger situations.