Geothermics, Air conditioning & Renewable Energy

Single cycle, binary or HDR geothermics for energy production is a strongly developing sector in which IdroGeo Engineering & Consulting has gained extensive experience, allowing it to offer all permit research and management services for concessions in the development of geothermal fields.

We implement integrated projects with professionals and expert researchers in the field and in drilling for energy production using medium and high enthalpy systems, low environmental impact and binary ORC cycle systems.

The benefits of ORC systems for applications in the geothermal energy sector:

  • they have a lower environmental impact than any other type of geothermal energy system because the geothermal fluid can be sealed throughout the entire process. In this way the emission of gas and other substances harmful to the environment is avoided.
  • they have a clear thermodynamic advantage, in terms of electricity production, over the conventional single flash cycle (for resources at moderate temperatures, up to 150-180 °C).
  • they can be used to produce electricity with low temperature sources of around 110 °C, which would not be possible with flash vapour systems.
  • the problems associated with scaling fluids are reduced: the formation of alkali carbonates can be prevented by installing submerged pumps, whilst silicon scaling is minimised, avoiding concentration of the geothermal fluid caused in the flash stage.
  • they can be the best technical and economic choice, despite the higher unit cost per installed capacity, due to the increased energy produced and the reduced system construction time.

Integrated renewable energies

Geothermics are not only a major energy resource, but also an extraordinary source for association with other renewables to maximise heat production and/or energy savings.

We complete integrated projects using thermal solar, photovoltaic panels and geothermal probes with heat pumps for energy saving and emission reduction purposes.

We carry out preliminary studies on the exploitation of geothermal resources, associated with detailed geophysical and hydrogeological surveys.

We manage research permits including EIA studies and research project exploratory surveys (both geophysical and direct).

We plan exploratory drilling, studies and administrative formalities for mining concessions and works management.

Air conditioning of buildings with the Earth’s natural heat. Geothermal probes and down/upwelling for civic and industrial heating and cooling.

We carry out preliminary geological surveys to assess the yield of the geothermal probe/land/heat pump or groundwater/heat pump system.

We perform geological planning of the probe and/or wells and the assessment of interaction with underground waters and the physical/chemical characteristics of soil. We prepare heat flow models to assess the environmental impact of geothermal systems.

We assess the affordability of the system with fluid extraction and soil exchange, and the choice of drilling method and the probe yield using GR tests.